Pear Deck: Make Google Slides Interactive
Date & Time
Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Cammie Kannekens
Imagine that instead of each student watching you work at the Smart Board, they could each add individual responses or opinions that you could chose to display instantly on the Smart Board. Now that our students have access to Chromebooks and iPads on a regular basis, we can start to think differently about how we organize and deliver our lessons to allow for increased individual engagement. Pear Deck is a stand alone product, or a free add on to Google Slides. Come prepared to experiment with Pear Deck’s features from a student perspective and get acquainted with the teacher view of the app as well. When teachers ask if they should be transferring their Smart Notebook content to Slides, the answer would be yes, if you are using Pear Deck!
Location Name
Room 130
Full Address
Senator Gershaw School
104 1 Ave W
Bow Island Alberta T0K 0G0
Session Type
Primary, Middle, Secondary
Empowered Teachers, Student Agency, iPad/Mobile