Join us for part 2 of a three-part, live series discussing Social & Emotional Learning in the Classroom.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom Part 2
September 24, 2018
4 pm PST | 7 pm EST

Teaching the Tough Kids
Part 2 of the Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom Webinar Series

We have all had that student...the one that keeps us on our toes and never seems to fit the behavior mold. Depending on your classroom, you may have 1 or 2 each year, or maybe it's every student you teach. How can we change the way we teach, in small and meaningful ways to maximize impact with these students so they spend more time in our class learning than in the principal's office. Our panelists this month will dive into strategies and practical applications for setting these students up for success instead of sending them out of the room.
Our guests this month include:
  • Natalie Priester

  • Carla Jefferson

  • Robert Ahdoot

  • Taneesha Thomas

  • Cheyenne Batista São Roque

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