Join us for a free webinar highlighting Google's Applied Digital Skills curriculum and how teachers are using it to support second language learners

August 30, 2018

4:00 PM PT

Free to all registrants


Whether you teach Math or English, Social Studies or Science, digital skills are invaluable for your students to learn to prepare for their future. Start creating new learning experiences for your students using Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Applied Digital Skills uses project-based learning to help your students develop in-demand job and life skills like budgeting, creating stories, organizing information about college and more. It’s suitable for all middle and high school students in many types of classes, and is adjustable for younger grades as well. 

In this webinar, our guest Natalia Lemoyne, Coordinator of Educational Technology at Guilderland Central School District and experienced ELL instructor, will share strategies for utilizing Google's Applied Digital Skills curriculum to provide structured supports for second language learners.

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  • Thursday, August 30, 4:00 PM PST
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