The EdTechTeam Canada
Virtual Summit Experience:
Microsoft Education Edition

The EdTechTeam Canada Virtual Summit featuring Microsoft Education is your opportunity to get creative with the latest in educational technology from Microsoft to inspire and challenge young minds.

Together, we’ll explore Microsoft's tools and develop strategies for rising to the challenge of creating virtual classrooms that give every student the opportunity to be extraordinary and become a real-world problem solver.

The Finer Details

With each workshop facilitated through a dedicated Microsoft Teams link, our Virtual Summit allows you to join in on the learning. PD has never been easier or more accessible. The best part? You only need a device and an internet connection; pajama pants optional.

We've chosen not to record workshops for a number of reasons, privacy for all live participants as a main factor, and we also want to create authentic connection opportunities and model an interactive classroom.

Please note that your Virtual Summit ticket is non-refundable, but it is transferable if necessary. All applicable taxes are included in the $75 ticket cost.

Supported by Microsoft Education