Full Name
Jonathan So
Job Title
Teacher - Grade 6
Speaker Bio
"I am currently a Grade 6 Teacher for the Peel District School Board. I have been called many names: Daddy, Daddio, Dada, Jon, JoSo and some others that cannot be repeated. I am an avid runner, lover of bowties and so much more. To me, the teacher has one of the most critical roles to play in child development. Through questions, inquiry and exploration teachers can and will push students to unforeseen expectations. My passions lie in being the best teacher I can be, teaching mathematics and technology, and assessment. I also enjoy teaching through inquiry and watching the powerful impact it has on student growth and conceptual development.

In my personal life, I have a wonderful partner (Jenny) and a beautiful Daughter and two energetic Sons. I am always available to talk and can be reached through email ([email protected]) or twitter (@MrSoclassroom)."

If you had a saying to add to your own line of T-Shirts, what would it be?
Be You, 'cause that is pretty awesome.
Jonathan So