Full Name
Justine de Wet
Job Title
Robotics Educator
Parklands College
Speaker Bio
Justine de Wet is a Robotics Educator in the Junior Preparatory at Parklands College. She was a classroom teacher for twelve years, who has always been drawn to creating a learning environment where learners develop a love for lifelong learning. Her classes integrate Robotics and Coding but most of all fun into the everyday curriculum. Justine has a love for innovation and looks at how new and developing ideas can assist teachers to lighten their workload. She initially studied Education at Witwatersrand University and has since completed courses in xCode, Swift, Tynker, WeDo and a Robotics in Education course through UNISA.
When she is not in the Robotics lab she is a mommy who gets exercise chasing her toddlers, building sand castles and reading stories about faraway places.
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