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Chris Betcher
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Program Manager, G Suite for Education Adoption
Speaker Bio
Long before the World Wide Web was invented, Chris Betcher was a high school art teacher. At the time, he made interesting things out of paint and clay and enjoyed helping his students learn how to do the same. When the Web came along it ignited a whole new passion for making things out of 0s and 1s, and he enjoyed helping his students learn in this new digital landscape even more than the old analog one. Since that time, Chris has taught in a range of educational settings in Australia and overseas. He still has the same passion for helping others creatively explore their world through computational thinking, digital media and the social web, while discovering the joy of working with both sides of their brains. Chris is a blogger, podcaster, speaker, author, and an active member of the Australian edtech scene. He shares openly and freely through his blog at www.chrisbetcher.com, and has presented at numerous national and international conferences. He is a Google Certified Innovator, Trainer and Administrator and a Adobe Education Leader and Trainer. In 2013 he was awarded ICT Educator of the Year by both ICTENSW and ACCE.
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Chris Betcher