Full Name
Mark Maddren
Job Title
Lead Facilitator Manaiakalani Outreach
CORE Education - Tatai Aho Rau
Speaker Bio
Since 2013, I have been a facilitator at CORE Education Tātai Aho Rau based in Christchurch. I have supported the development of cluster-wide goals, values and processes and supporting future-focused teaching and learning approaches as part of Learning with Digital Technologies. I am working with the Te Ara Tuhura Cluster in Christchurch. I work in classrooms with learners and teachers to enable learner agency by strengthening good pedagogy using 1:1 technologies. I model and foster the development of good classroom management systems in relation to the use of digital technologies; the creation and use of online sites, blogs and resources to enable learner agency. I also support school leaders in the transformational change that is an outcome of this project. My wide range of experiences outside of education enable me to bring innovative and creative ideas and approaches when working together with schools or clusters.