Google Infused Classroom focused on ELA (K-12)
In this hands-on workshop we will look at some of the most popular and simple tools that can be used to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom.  While tools are important, understanding the pedagogical ways we can use them to transform teaching is even more important, and this workshop will lay out a path for allowing students to make meaning of content and allow  teachers to better use technology to support and amplify the learning experiences in their classrooms.
The session will include a look at:
  • Formative Assessment Ideas
  • Differentiated Instruction Techniques
  • Demonstrations of Learning
  • Reflection and Curation of Learning
  • Come prepared to create a lesson (or PD) from start to finish using the ideas presented in this workshop.
Copy of Book Included
Math and GSuite in K-12 Classroom
Technology has always had a place in our math classrooms; whether through calculators, statistical software or graphing applications. This course will challenge your thinking of how technology can be used to deepen understanding, increase engagement and enhance communication in a math classroom. Looking at tools for understanding, communication, and engagement, this course will guide you through creating understanding how technology can be used in your classroom.
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