Full Name
Scott Tilson
Job Title
Manager Site Support
Jeffco Public Schools IT
Speaker Bio
I started as an IT Support Tech in Jeffco in 2013 supporting 5 schools in the Arvada/Pomona artic area. I then took on 2 schools in the Jefferson area helpin gimplement and support th einitial phase of 1:1 iPads in the district. After this I became the first Title 1 roaming tech helping support all Title 1 school sin the district. I then moved up and took on the role of IT Support Specialist in the North area. After holdin ghtis position ofr 2 year I became a Senior IT Support Specialist continuing to suppor my Norht school while also taking on mentoring and training for other members of my team. I now am currenlty the Manager of Site Support for Jeffco IT.