Full Name
Brian Hamm
Job Title
Director of Technology and Innovation
American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico
Speaker Bio
Brian Hamm believes that every student can be engaged in an educational experience that compels them to live curiously and go beyond as they discover their own “Moonshots”. Over the past ten years he has circumnavigated the globe numerous times in the pursuit of this endeavor. Whether he is leading students in service-based projects in Canada’s inner-cities, developing PE and Athletics programs in Turkey, teaching IB Higher Level History and rolling out 1:1 programs in South Korea, coaching soccer teams in China, hiking medical supplies into the Nepalese Himalayas, sharing the Tech Crewsaders Program and Network in South America, or designing solutions to community problems throughout Latin America, he has always strived to leverage technology, not simply as a way to digitize the educational experience for students, but to redefine it. As a Google Certified Innovator and the Director of Technology and Innovation at ASFM Mexico, Brian is passionate about collaborative purposeful projects that impact and empower students and teachers to make a difference in their communities. He agrees with the common view that tech integration is a journey rather than a destination, but adds that if this is the case, Google Apps for Education is your Swiss Army Knife. You wouldn’t want to travel without it and it has something to offer for nearly any job. Brian has been passionate about tech since he first played Oregon Trail on his school’s Commodore 64, and now he navigates his own trail as a teacher, a traveller, a husband, a father to two wonderful little up-and-comers, a Manchester United fanatic, and a Designer at heart.
Brian Hamm