Distance Learning Design Workshops

We get it - coordinating relevant, engaging professional development for your school or district is tough, not to mention costly. And, there is the added headache of coordinating schedules, managing weather interruptions, finding coverage for teachers… the list goes on and on. 

That's exactly why we created our Distance Learning Design Workshops here at EdTechTeam. These hour-long, interactive PD sessions are the same engaging and hands-on PD that you get at our face-to-face workshops, just more easily accessible for you and your staff. 

With extensive connections to current classroom educators, coupled with our pedagogy-first approach, you are sure to receive current and relevant information.  

The Finer Details

Facilitated through a dedicated Google Meet link, our Distance Learning Design Workshops allow one person, a small team or your entire district to join in on the learning.  PD has never been easier or more accessible.  The best part? You only need a device and an internet connection; pajama pants optional!

Please note that all workshop times are Pacific Daylight Time.

About the Workshops

Getting Going with Classroom for Distance Learning - Google Classroom is a great starting point for your new responsibilities for Distance Learning.  Join us in this webinar to get a walkthrough of setting up a class, adding students, posting resources, taking attendance by posing a question, connecting with students, adding assignments and tracking student progress.  This 60 minute webinar will get you up to speed with Google Classroom so you are ready to begin connecting with your students.

Using Google Meet for Distance Learning - Virtual PD would be impossible without robust video-conferencing tools.  In this session we will explore the power and ease of Google Meet and discuss new protocols and management techniques that are necessary when teaching through videoconferencing for Distance Learning.

Tools to use for check-ins with your students - As Distance/Remote learning has become the new norm for classrooms worldwide, the number one question teachers are asking is, "how do I know how my students are doing?" In this online workshop we will experiment and experience different check-in strategies and tools together, with a special emphasis on equity and emotional intelligence.
Ideally, join by desktop and have a mobile device handy for experimenting with the different tools. If you only have one of those devices, please join however you can!


Using Seesaw for Distance Learning - Keep your students connected while learning at home. Seesaw is a robust student journal platform that keeps students engaged, classwork organized, and parents connected. In this session we will cover Home Access Codes (and why they are important), and how to give and receive work to your students while they learn from home. We will also introduce to you the incredible free Activities library developed by Seesaw Ambassadors.