Keeping the Road Open: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Date & Time
Monday, July 9, 2018, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Mary Ann Manzano
The road to becoming an entrepreneur is paved with good intentions and an untold number of potholes. Not every child will become one, but as a teacher, how do we nurture the ones who have it in them to build a business out of what they love? There are many reasons why students take the more common path of either post-graduate degrees or employment. If we are to teach future-ready children, and expect them to solve problems, we should also be preparing them for the possibility that there is another way, and keep this option open for them. We will explore how we can support our students' passions, and become an example of what it means to have the courage and confidence to try new things ourselves. This can also pave the way for us to become teacherpreneurs ourselves, embracing and solving the problems we face in our own school environments, and help build a solution.
Location Name
Te Puna Ako
Full Address
George Street Normal School
989 George Street
North Dunedin
Woodhaugh Otago 9016
New Zealand
Session Type
Secondary, Leadership
Empowered Teachers, Courageous Leadership