Ideas into Action: Setting your projects free
Date & Time
Monday, July 9, 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Mary Ann Manzano
Do you have a great idea that's just waiting to be realized? Or a problem that desperately needs solving and you have some thoughts on how to get it done? Brainstorming is just one step towards an innovative mindset. What matters more is implementing a strategy to execute on those ideas and finding out as early as possible which will work and which won't. Idea generation is often a fun exercise, but without the understanding to get the idea moving from thought to execution, it can be a massive waste of opportunity. In this session, we will choose a problem we each want to tackle, and make that problem our focus for our new ideas. Then we will break down the steps to execute on these ideas, and begin our journey towards thinking that generates the most impact - both in business and learning.
Location Name
Room 10
Full Address
George Street Normal School
989 George Street
North Dunedin
Woodhaugh Otago 9016
New Zealand
Session Type
Secondary, Leadership
Empowered Teachers, Courageous Leadership