Wesmor Public High School

Wesmor Public High School has a respectful, welcoming and accepting atmosphere where laughter, positive conversations, encouraging words and appropriate language can be heard throughout the school. Students, staff and community members
have a sense of belonging and support at Wesmor.

Wesmor staff members know that students who attend school at Wesmor on a regular basis and are actively engaged in their learning are proud of their academic achievements and accomplishments at school. Positive student engagement is always our focus and is present at Wesmor Public High School and can be viewed in the hallways and in the classroom.


Travel Information

Prince Albert, SK

Prince Albert is the 3rd largest city in Saskatchewan.  The North Saskatchewan River runs through Prince Albert, and it is the last major stop before the wealth of trees and lakes.  It is about a 50km drive to Prince Albert National Park in northern Saskatchewan. 

Nearby Points of Interest

Prince Albert offers much to do, from exploring historical museums and parks, to shopping and recreational fun.  
Check out Prince Albert Tourism's website for more information.

Air Travel

Fly into the Saskatoon Airport.
The drive to Prince Albert from Saskatoon is about 1.5hrs north on Highway 11.

Driving and Parking Information

Parking behind the school is available and preferred. Go around the north side of the building to access the parking lot behind the school.
Driving from Saskatoon is about 1.5 hours.  Follow Highway 11.
If you have questions, contact [email protected].