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Janelle Field
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Innovative/ Tech Specialist
Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools
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Janelle Field, Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools, PK-12 Innovative/Tech Specialist, [email protected] @MissField5
My name is Janelle Field, and I am currently a PK-12 Tech Specialist at Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools. Formerly, I was a 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher for Belgrade Brooten Elrosa School District located in Brooten, MN, and have over 19 years of experience as an educator, and in a variety of leadership roles. I am passionate about sharing technology with staff and students and believe the most important aspect of my position is creating a collaborative environment in which all members are vested in to ensure that we meet the needs of all children.

Personally, I am passionate about lots of things that I do. I have three sisters who continually remind me how complex a teacher’s job can be, but push me to continue to follow my passions of teaching and learning. I love running and sports, and am a HUGE fan of the Minnesota Lynx. I do not have any pets or children, but believe I have around 660 kids - the enrollment of the Belgrade Brooten Elrosa School District.

If you are ever interested in hearing what I like or what is happening with me or within our district follow me on Twitter @MissField5 and our district social networking sites are: Instragram: @bbeschools Twitter: @BBEschools Facebook: BBE Schools

I am originally from the small town of Brooten, MN and am a graduate of Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools. I am so proud to be teaching in the district I graduated from and am very vested in making this district the best it can be! I continue to work closely together with all of the staff members through social networks and other innovative programs we have in place to help build environments that best meet the needs of students in a continuously changing environment. My parents have always stressed the importance of education for me, and have inspired me in my career as an educator.

It is always important to work and do what is BEST FOR KIDS. I enjoy and appreciate sharing and discussing about meeting the needs of students with everyone and assisting in the preparation of futures that we know don’t even exist for kids yet. I know as a tech specialist I am one small piece of the complex puzzle, but I work extremely hard to give everyone innovative ideas to become the best leaders for their students.

My Favorite Quote: If you know everything right now, you will be out of date in 5 minutes. Keep learning to better yourself and your students.
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