EDU Playground
Date & Time
Thursday, January 3, 2019, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Learning Commons: We'll gather as a large group, explain the process, and get started! 1 - Pocket Science Ben Friesen 2 - Rocketbooks - Blast off! Amanda Taylor 3 - Color Your Reading: Using Highlighting in Kindle for Digital Annotation Dana Niad, Melanie Diamond 4 - Do I Stay OR Do I Go? - Dichotomous Thinking for Millennials Nicole Lindsley 5 - Biometric Monitoring Using Facial Recognition, Data Collection, and Storage: Safety and Privacy Perceptions of High School Students Norman J Ebsary 7 - Student Voice with Flipgrid Holly Clark 8 - Green Screen Magic Burt Lo 9 - Swift Playgrounds in Your Classroom Chari Distler 10 - Getting Techy With It! Lori Barbag 11 - Using GeoGebra to Enhance Mathematics Instruction Samantha Cruz 12 - Easy, Exciting Explanations of Learning with Explain Everything Jennifer Brachfeld Berne 13 - Creating with Clips Ken Shelton