Hands-On Learning for Your Young Learners

A great soft start to the school year for Toronto Googlers' school aged children. Have them join us for three mornings of hands-on learning!
From 10AM to Noon on September 8th, 9th, and 10th we'll be running three unique workshops to challenge and engage your young learners. Workshops are targeted at students aged 8-14 but could be suitable for older who are interested, or younger students with a little support. Registration is free and covers all three workshops.

Tuesday, September 8

CS First - In this hands-on workshop students will use CS First, Google’s free introductory computer science (CS) curriculum for middle school students. With guidance from our presenter, students will follow step-by-step instructional videos that introduce fundamental computer science concepts and build computer programs using Scratch, a block-based programming language. 

Wednesday, September 9

Don’t let the pigeon...!! - Learn how to create your own custom pigeon character in Google Draw and bring them to life with some stop motion animation in Google Slides! A brilliant combination of graphic design and gif creation!

Thursday, September 10

Let's Get Digital: Escape Room - Carefully and methodically navigate your way through virtual clues, puzzles, and challenges to solve this digital Breakout session within one hour!  Then learn how to build a digital escape room of your own.  If you are a fan of escape rooms then this is a session for you!  Good luck with your escape route!