Esports For Education
Date & Time
Saturday, April 18, 2020, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Chris Aviles
Esports is taking the world by storm, growing to a billion dollar industry with competitions that have greater viewership than the Super Bowl. Colleges are awarding scholarships to talented esports players and K-12 schools are becoming more interested in starting esports programs to provide opportunities for their students. Chris Aviles has been deeply embedded in the esports for education community from the beginning when he created the first middle school esports team in the country. Since then, Chris has run one of the most successful esports programs in education. Hear the origin story of the FH Knights as Chris provides deep insights into the triumphs and tribulations involved in bringing an esports program from idea to implementation, to champions. This session will provide an overview of esports in education including the academic, social/emotional benefits, and how we can prepare our students for future opportunities in and around the fast growing industry in the world while also creating an esports pipeline that students can follow from middle school through college.
Location Name
D122-TIC - Minecraft
Session Type
Middle, Secondary, Leadership
Project Based learning with G Suite, Increasing Accessibility through Digital Tools, Diving into Digital Citizenship