HyperDoc Bootcamp - $229

HyperDocs are innovative digital lessons capable of shifting the student learning experience. With HyperDocs, teachers maximize face time with students, better utilize devices, meet standards, and personalize instruction for any and all students. During this full day session, teachers learn how to leverage the G Suite and effectively use various web tools to become designers of instruction in their blended learning classroom. This workshop session is interactive and hands-on — participants create digital lessons to use right away!During this 1-Day session teachers will:
  • Experience how engaging HyperDocs are as a student
  • Explore the pedagogy behind digital lesson design
  • Copy and customize sample HyperDocs to use in your own classroom immediately
  • Collaborate with educator colleagues to create your own HyperDoc(s)
  • Reflect and revise digital lessons using a checklist to “hack” your own HyperDocs
  • Join the Teachers Give Teachers collaborative marketplace community to share/use lesson plans #Give1Take1
Participants walk away feeling inspired, with a whole new outlook and competence for teaching with technology. Not only do participants create their own HyperDocs, but they have access to the many tools and resources to continue their progress as curriculum designers.
*Hyperdoc Book Included
Note: The HyperDoc sessions are for educators who have an “intermediate G Suite” experience. These teachers can already navigate the basics of Google Apps: Docs, Slides, Maps, etc.
If you would like to pay by check or bank transfer, we can issue an invoice. Please complete the following form: edtech.team/BootcampPO and an invoice will be sent to you shortly.

Day 1

8:00-8:30 am
8:30 - 8:45 am
8:45 - 12:00 pm
12:00-1:00 pm
1:00 - 3:30 pm
Session 1
Session 2
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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