Full Name
Tiffany Kelley
Job Title
Technology Coach
Pembroke Hill School
Speaker Bio
My name is Tiffany Kelley, and I am the Wornall Campus Technology Coach at The Pembroke Hill School. I am an alumna of Pembroke Hill, having attended the lower, middle and upper schools. I completed my undergraduate studies in Early Childhood Education and Child Development at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

​M​y love for my profession has grown greater than I could have ever dreamed. ​I have the honor of working alongside classroom teachers to support the integration of technology into their curriculum. There are ​always​ ​an ​abundance of unique surprises and learning opportunities that present themselves ​that make each day exciting.

​In addition to my work with classroom teachers, I also manage the iLab, our makers space. Housed in the intermediate building of the lower school, the iLab is a place for innovation, inspiration, collaboration, creativity, exploration and inquiry through hands on experiences that involve engineering, robotics, filmography and more. Students and teachers visit the iLab to engage in work that extends from their experiences in the classroom and allows the children to apply their knowledge through real world, hands on collaborative problem solving experiences. ​

I see myself as a learner, alongside my ​colleagues and students​. Together we challenge one another to make new discoveries and to see the world through varying points of view. I greet each day with a good sense of humor and a creative spirit, which allow me to truly enjoy every moment as the special gift that it is.