Put on Your Cape. It’s Time to Create Superheroes in the Classroom.
The Las Vegas Summit is calling on you to put on your cape and create new skills to recharge your superpowers of teaching, inspiring, and challenging young minds. You’re invited on a Hero's Journey that will empower you as the educator—and in turn—inspire your students to become real-world problem solvers. Together, we will share stories, tools, and strategies for rising to the challenge of changing our classrooms to give every student the opportunity to be extraordinary and discover the superhero within.
What superpowers will you create for yourself and your students?
  • Best practices for using technology including Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office 365, Minecraft, and many more
  • Real-world problem solvers
  • Teacher and student leadership
  • Challenge-based lessons
  • Personalized learning
  • Creativity inside and outside of the classroom
Viva Las Vegas - an unforgettable experience
The Las Vegas Summit is an opportunity to invest in your student’s best strategy for success—YOU—their teacher! With two action-packed days featuring a mix of 90 and 60-minute sessions a playground and a demo slam and a playground, you’ll have a chance to create and explore new ideas and topics while connecting with other teachers and school leaders.
Get credit for being a superhero.
Certificate of Attendance Complete the certificate request form to request your certificate. Once your attendance has been verified, we’ll your certificate will be emailed to you.
Graduate Credit Get your assignment and all the details to earn your credit from Adams State College.
Call in support- letter to leadership requesting funds
We’ve created a letter for you to use to get support from your school or district leadership to attend this Summit. Please feel free to customize the letter to help “make the case” for your attendance.

Keynote Speakers

George Barcenas
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Bellevue Union School District
Micah Shippee
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Liverpool CSD

Playground Experts

Amanda Taylor
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