[Enter PreSummit Date] 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Level 2 Google Certification Bootcamp
Move beyond the basics of Google Tools and learn how to maximize 21st century learning in the classroom. Participants explore and create purposeful blended learning lessons while enhancing student understanding of topics and concepts. Learn to organize course work and leverage the Internet to better meet the needs of an increasingly digital curriculum. We’ll explore key units in the Level 2 curriculum including personalized learning models and coaching models.
Note: Graduate credit is available in conjunction with our Level 2 Bootcamps for an extra fee.
Admin Console Technical Retreat
Do you manage Google Apps for your school or district? Have you configured your Admin Console around the best practices? The default console does not come configured for a school environment so find out what settings you really should change by attending this technical session. In the session will provide a deep dive of the Admin Console, which will include tips on how to manage users, groups, services and Chromebooks with ease. As well as a look at the third party services which will make your life easier and protect and secure your domain.
Topics covered include:
EDU focused Admin Console best practices, Deep dive walkthrough, OU Structures, Services, Groups, Chromebooks
Essential Third Party Tools, Deployment Best Practices, Asset Management, Troubleshooting, Security and, Compliance, Backup, User Training