“Little Things Make Big Things Happen” - An Intro to Hyperdocs
Date & Time
Thursday, May 31, 2018, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Janet Burnett
Do you want to use great tech tools in your classroom...but need help organizing them in your lessons? What if you could pre-plan an excellent lesson that would increase student engagement AND offer more one-on-one help to your students at the same time? Would you like for your students to take more ownership of their learning? HyperDocs (and/or multimedia text sets) are the perfect solution for your classroom. This session will introduce you to the basics so you will know how to easily package the best learning pieces for your students. You will be surprised how many design choices you have, how easy it is to differentiate instruction, and how making little changes in your presentation can result in big changes in your classroom.
Location Name
Room 208
Full Address
The Harpeth Hall School
3801 Hobbs Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
United States
Session Type
Primary, Middle
Empowered Teachers, Student Agency