Merging Creativity & Computational Thinking….A Method to Build Diversity
Date & Time
Saturday, September 15, 2018, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
21st century society rewards making, creativity, and computational thinking in adults, but schools often struggle to find ways to afford all students with opportunities to learn and practice these skills and traits. Creativity is the number one quality sought by executives..... But how are we preparing our students? The purpose of this workshop is to provide teachers with a way to introduce design challenges into the core curriculum, which is the only way to ensure that all students take part. We will use an educational robotics kit known as Hummingbird, in combination with a suite of curriculum and programs that have successfully been used in to create design challenges in core subjects such as math, language arts, science, music, art and social studies. We will share results of a recent project tested in Fulton County Schools called 'Art in Motion'. Using the tools of 'Creativity & Computational Thinking' we successfully broke stereotypes and built diversity in students who now embrace technology in a new and powerful way! The ultimate goal of the workshop is for participants to understand how robotics kits and other maker tools can be integrated with core classroom education. Specifically, educators participating in the workshop will learn: How to integrate robotics-based design challenges into core subjects; How to align such challenges to common core, NGSS, and/or ISTE standards. How to assess robotics-based design challenges. How to build and program a robot made from a combination of Hummingbird kit parts and craft materials. This workshop will model many of the concepts we will convey by essentially being composed of two design challenges: 1. Building/programming a robot, and 2. Designing a robot-based design challenge for the classroom. No experience is necessary but seasoned roboticists are also welcomed to attend. Participants are encouraged to bring their own computer or chrome books. Software download instructions will be provided.
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Middle, Technical
Empowered Teachers, Coding