ENCORE: Personalized Instruction with Game-Changing ELA and STEM Tools: EquatIO and Read&Write
Date & Time
Sunday, September 16, 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
MAIN AND ENCORE: As many as two-thirds of students in classrooms today score below proficiency in reading and STEM. This includes students who speak English as a second language, students with disabilities, and a whole lot of other students who do not yet possess the skills needed to meet today’s rigorous standards. While the Google Apps for Education environment provides great tools for productivity and collaboration, many literacy supports needed by these struggling students are still lacking. In this session, attendees will see a demonstration of both Read&Write for Google™ Chrome and EquatIO, powerful G-Suite extensions with over 13 million users. These extensions work with Google Documents, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Web pages, and other common file types, such as PDF, ePub, and JPG, in Google Drive. Participants will learn more about common technology supports such as text-to-speech, word prediction, dictation, text and picture dictionaries, annotations … and more … that can help all students and especially those who struggle with reading and writing. These tools can be used through the Chrome browser on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. Participants in this session will: -Learn to accommodate different learning styles using tools from the Read&Write and EquatIO Toolbars -Create customized vocabulary lists and study guides -Find new resources for accessing digital text -Learn how to access a “Free for Teachers” account
Location Name
Full Address
Pickens High School
500 Dragon Drive
Jasper, Georgia 30143
United States
Session Type
Primary, Middle, Secondary, Leadership
Empowered Teachers, Student Agency