Keepin' It Real With 3d Design and Printing
Date & Time
Sunday, April 7, 2019, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
G Bundy
Think that 3d printing is just good for making star wars ships? If you do, I already like you, but no! There is so much more we can do! Blow your students' minds by Solving a Real World Problem using the Engineering Method and 3d printing from start to finish. In this 90 minute thrill-ride you will encounter a real world problem, and then work together to Identify, Brainstorm, Design (In 3d on a computer), 3d print, and test a solution to that problem. We will be exploring the NGSS practices that relate to engineering and you will leave with a set of slides and examples that will allow you to replicate this project with your own real world problems. (Note: due to high levels of awesomeness this session might be too much for some with low tolerances for collaborating with strangers and fear of failure. Special prizes for anyone wearing star wars stuff.) Please bring a laptop if you can.
Location Name
Session Type
Middle, Secondary