Full Name
Jay Dubois
Job Title
Instructional Coach K-8
Thames Valley DSB
Speaker Bio
Jay is an energetic primary/junior teacher and Instructional Coach in the Thames Valley DSB. Last year he embraced the power of 1:1 iPads and had a blast transitioning his students from consumers into content creators with authentic learning experiences that connected with the real world. He co-lead an Ontario Ministry of Education’s TLLP action research program with members of the ‘Listen Louder: Amplifying Student Voice with Technology in Mathematics’ project team. His recently launched a Google Certified Innovator project that looks to turn up teacher voices to 11 and make teacher-to-teacher sharing contagious by leveraging YouTube, Google Hangouts and a nominate-forward strategy. He’s passionate about rubrics (really!) and enjoys introducing teachers to the power of using self-assessed single point rubrics in honouring student voice in the assessment cycle.