Full Name
Andrea Brown
Job Title
Technology Resource Teacher
Speaker Bio
Andrea is a Google Certified Innovator whose work has always played at the intersection of education, technology and access. As a teacher in the classroom, as an educational consultant and as a Technology Resource Teacher she has worked with students, teacher candidates, teachers, and families to enhance teaching and learning by leveraging innovative technologies. She has worked as a Clinical Teacher Educator in special education for the Boston Teacher Residency, a master’s program in education that prepares new teachers to make an impact in the classrooms of Boston Public Schools. While in Ontario she has worked as a Technology consultant across several school boards. Currently working for YRDSB, she has been a Special Education Resource Teacher, and is now a Technology Resource Teacher (TRT) responsible for supporting the implementation of personalized equipment for students with special needs. Both inside and outside of the classroom her goal is to help all students, especially students with disabilities, reach their potential.