Full Name
Mary Ann Manzano
Job Title
Bluekore Inc.
Speaker Bio
Mary Manzano is a serial entrepreneur who built her first business when she was 18 and has made it her mission to help others by creating opportunities in various industries. She is a learner and a problem-solver who likes to put her ideas into action as quickly as possible, and believes in finding new ways to improve and create. Since 2010, she has been working with companies in the Philippines in their initiatives to move to the cloud, spearheading “Islands in the Cloud” which is a project to bring all the public educational institutions in the Philippines, from K-12, Higher Ed, and Tech-Voc onto G Suite for Education - almost a million users. Mary is a Google Certified Innovator and a Google Certified Trainer devoted to promoting innovation and web-based learning in schools, extend educators’ learning networks, and help teachers with their drive for a more student-focused curriculum. She is a hyper tech coach that provides real-world insight on educational projects based on her experience in retail, marketing, sales, business management, compliance, risk, and finance.
Mary Ann Manzano