Computational Thinking and Coding with Scratch (Part 1)
Date & Time
Monday, September 24, 2018, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Anthony Speranza
Scratch is a simple yet powerful programming interface that is suitable for all ages. In this session, Anthony will explore the ways in which Scratch can be used to teach algorithms and computational thinking, 2 essential components in the ACARA Digital Technologies Curriculum. Equip your students for the future workforce with the next layer of literacy, coding! Part 1: Through hands on exercises, participants will come to understand how Scratch can be used with primary school students to design creative solutions, recognize patterns, and stream-line algorithms and processes. An overview of Google’s CS-First program will also be explored, giving attendees the confidence to start their own code club groups in their school. This session is suitable for beginners or intermediate users of Scratch. Part 2: Makey Makey's are an affordable device that takes Scratch to the next level. We will explore the potential of the Makey Makey USB circuit board to turn physical objects into interactive keystrokes, used with Scratch to make awesome STEM projects. Attendees should bring an inventive mindset and get ready to go hands on with a set of Makey Makeys. Attendees should either: Bring a laptop with the Scratch program installed for offline mode ( or bring a laptop / Chromebook for accessing Scratch 2.0 in online mode (
Location Name
Full Address
Emmaus College
362 Yaamba Road
Norman Gardens Queensland 4701
Session Type
Primary, Middle, Secondary
Student Agency, Coding