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Adnan Iftekhar
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Adnan Iftekhar has taught dance, biology, math, computer science, design, social innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, yoga and acrobatics to students ranging from 2-82 years old. His current passions include:
• Creating opportunities to have a meaningful impact in the lives of young people.
• Empowering the youth of today to create, collaborate and communicate in a way that will allow them to solve issues on a global scale.
• Re-envisioning the education and assessment models used in classrooms.
• Redefining the terms learning, educating, teaching, school, success and failure.

He has been working (and playing) in independent schools for over 20 years. Adnan has founded a non-profit, a brick and mortar business, a software consulting business, several online businesses and a school. He is a Google for Education Certified Educator and Innovator. Currently he serves as the Director of Technology at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco.
Adnan Iftekhar