Full Name
Jess Kuemmerlin
Job Title
Learning Innovation Coach
Shekou International School
Speaker Bio
Tony Wagner defines Innovation as the process of problem solving and being creative at the same time. One without the other is not innovative.
I love being innovative and add another part to Tony's definition. It is the ability to add the most VALUE to others. Thus, it starts with a PAIN/Problem, then using creativity to remix old ideas in new ways, and then providing a solution that adds the most value to others.
This can take on many forms from helping teachers enhance student learning with tools (sometimes with technology, sometimes not), finding more efficient ways to complete tasks to free up time, to helping students/teacher identify their passions.
I love to engage in the innovative process and hopefully have look forward to collaborating with you soon.
Presented at conferences at AASSA and provided workshops to other schools and self-publishing a book on how to close the gap from where you are and where you want to be in the face of everyday challenges.
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