Using Hyperdocs To Streamline Your Teaching and Engage Your Students
Date & Time
Sunday, May 20, 2018, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Would you like to find a new way to engage your students and have FUN in your classroom?Are you wondering how to keep your digital teaching units organized? Do you struggle with differentiating your units and allowing your students choice and voice in their learning? This session will offer solutions to these questions by exploring HyperDocs. Hyperdocs are an empowering way to not only utilize tech tools in the classroom, but to engage students in learning through inquiry, choice, and self-pacing. Hyperdocs are for all aspects of education - teachers, administrators and educational leaders will walk away from this session with new ways to set up lessons and easy ideas that will be ready to use right away. As a bonus, attendees will become part of a global network of 21st-century educators sharing free digital resources every day!
Location Name
Event Center Room 1
Full Address
Stanislaus County Office of Education
1100 H Street
Modesto, California 95354
United States
Session Type
Secondary, Technical
Student Agency, Technical