Full Name
Benjamin Kepner
Job Title
Global Social Media Marketing
Speaker Bio
I received a multilingual immersion teaching grant in Galicia, Spain to be an educator and obtain Spanish fluency. I've managed 25 social media brands, hold 11 Google technology certifications, and executed $200,000 in online advertising. I have published over 340 blog articles related to technology at www.globalsocialmediamarketing.com and am featured author at Social Media Today. In 2016, I was named one of the best digital marketers by LinkedIn Profinder in Atlanta with a Social Selling Index score ranked top 1% for Marketing pros. My services include professional development and teacher training, consulting, technical training, technical implementation, speaking engagements, Google Adwords, Social Media Strategy, SEO, Blogging, YouTube videos, and educator-to-educator connections services. I have two years classroom teaching experience, six years of formal training experience, and am fluent in Spanish with international training experience in Spain. I will also be presenting at the University of Georgia Innovation in Teaching Conference and Nashville Google Summit this year.
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