Data Collection & Published Reports using Google Forms & =query() Function
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
One of the growing areas in the world of information is the that of data analysis, yet in many high school classrooms the basics of databases and reporting are not introduced. Using the relatively unknown =query() function in Google Sheet, a person has the ability using a subset of SQL to select, sort, filter, and display selected information from a Google Sheet. Using Google Forms to collect data, the =query(data, SQL, headers) function to organize the data, and the selective publish feature makes a wonderful tool for data collection, analysis, and publishing of information. Using these free tools a student can be introduced to the basics of setting up a database, organizing the data using a SQL subset, and publishing the data online. Participants will explore different database projects that use the tools like those used in the 2017 Millard County Antique Tractor Pull which was used in real time to collect data from an antique tractor pull and publish the results for the audience. ( Participants will participate in data collection and publishing using a sample project. They will also have the ability to manipulate a database using the =query() function, and then publish their results. Participants will be applying computational thinking practices of — creating computational artifacts, connecting computing, collaborating, and problem solving — and come away from the session with knowledge, tools, samples, and instructions to teach basics of databases using data collection, organization, and publishing for their students.
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Salem Hills High School
150 Skyhawk Blvd
Salem, Utah 84653
United States
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Middle, Secondary, Leadership, Technical
Empowered Teachers, Engaged Community, Technical, Coding