Wednesday, August 26

Google Classroom Refresher
Aug. 26 at 1PM EDT

Designed for users who haven’t yet explored all of the features of Google Classroom and who would like support with setting up their Classrooms effectively, entering students and communicating details to parents.  We will also explore different ideas for assignment types and Topic organization to ensure a smooth start to the school year.  

Google Classroom Deep Dive
Aug. 26 at 1PM EDT

Designed for users who are very comfortable using Google Classroom, we’ll look at some of the more advanced features such as importing and exporting student and grade data with spreadsheets, best practices for communication with parents and students, differentiating assignments, and more. 

Drive & Docs Refresher
Aug. 26 at 2:30PM EDT

Are you just starting on your GSuite journey? Wondering how to get your Google Drive organized?  Still confused about sharing permissions and Google Docs?  Then this workshop is for you.  This refresher session will help you start putting the GSuite puzzle pieces together and become more comfortable with these powerful collaborative tools.

Drive & Docs Deep Dive
Aug. 26 at 2:30PM EDT

Are you comfortable using Google Drive & Docs with your students and now you’re wondering what else it can do? Come to this session to find some hidden organizational tips of Google Drive and explore features of Google Docs that you may not know even existed. 

Thursday, August 27

Google Slides - More than Just a Presentation Tool
Aug. 27 at 1PM EDT

Google Slides are a fantastic tool when a presentation is required, but did you know Slides is also the answer to all of your publishing needs. This session will show you some tips and tricks for transferring your PowerPoint files and creating great slideshows, but then we'll dig deep into the lesser-known publishing features one of the most versatile tools in the GSuite collection. - All Staff