Innovative Learning for the Primary Classroom

An entire event designed for the teachers of our littlest learners! This hands-on, teacher-centered event focuses on innovative learning in the Primary Classroom. Although designed specifically for Pre-K to Grade 2 educators, this summit shares tips and strategies any elementary educator will find useful.

Have you ever found yourself at an educational technology conference and wondered: "But how would this work in my Kindergarten classroom?” Or: "What can my Grade 2’s do with this tool?" If so, this is the perfect event for you. Let's get together and celebrate what our littlest learners CAN do!

"Phenomenal - absolutely phenomenal! Susan's pacing was perfect! Jammed with ideas without it being overwhelming! I look forward to working through the Slide Deck provided at my own pace to review all that was learned - BRAVO!!!" - Previous Summit Participant

The Finer Details

With each workshop facilitated through a dedicated Google Meet link, our Virtual Summit allows you to join in on the learning. PD has never been easier or more accessible. The best part? You only need a device and an internet connection; pajama pants optional.

We've chosen not to record workshops for a number of reasons, privacy for all live participants as a main factor, and we also want to create authentic connection opportunities and model an interactive classroom.

Please note that your Virtual Summit ticket is non-refundable, but is transferrable if necessary. All applicable taxes are included in the $75 ticket cost. Two Days of flexible programming that you can make fit within your weekend schedule. Take as few or as many workshops as your schedule will allow.