Full Name
Karen Butler
Job Title
Project Officer
Adelaide University, CSER Team
Speaker Bio
Karen is an educator who has recently discovered her inner geek! Karen has been a primary teacher with the Department for Education for some time and has been working with the (Computer Science Education Resource) CSER team part time for three years supporting the implementation of the Digital Technologies subject through the excellent CSER MOOC. Over 10,000 teachers nationally have enrolled in the CSER MOOC which is supported through federal funding. Formerly a passionate advocate for the Arts and and a champion of literacy learning, in multiple modes, she has discovered the beauty and creativity of Computer Science. Now combining her passions for education and computer science as a project officer for the University of Adelaide, Karen wants to demystify Digital Technologies for Primary Teachers so that they become an embedded part of teacher practice and accessible, particularly to those that have been traditionally marginalised by the exclusive nature of technology professions. Karen is a passionate advocate for leading students into digital spaces so that can more deeply understand the automated nature of their worlds and create preferred futures that challenge problematic local and global practices. She hope the students she influences can carry the spark for a love of problem solving by introducing the big ideas in computer science through the CSER MOOC and hands on PD for teachers.