The EdTechTeam Arizona Summit is going Virtual. 

The revised schedule and sessions will be updated this weekend.

The Coach Experience

A customized package to help you achieve your goals, transform 

your coaching and support all of your teachers.

The EdTechTeam Arizona Summit is going Virtual.  The revised schedule and sessions will be updated this weekend.

Get Ready for the Arizona Google Summit 

This isn't your average professional development. This is your opportunity to invest in yourself this school year and commit to achieving your goals for the year and make a positive change in your coaching style. As an instructional coach, your role is to support teachers, but who is supporting you? We understand how challenging it can be to help teachers overcome their challenges, find innovative tools and strategies to effectively use in your role and find enough time in the day to get everything done. 


This is why our goal for the EdTechTeam Google Summit is to give you the support you need and equip you with the tools, strategies and techniques you'll need to effectively support teachers and as a result positively impact students. Our customized package is designed to help you create a strong foundation at the event and carry that momentum beyond with access to instructional coaching experts on our team, digital workshops, customized resources and more. 


At this event and beyond, our team won't just show you how to do something, but we will walk you through how to use new tools and strategies step-by-step, so you leave this event feeling confident in your ability to take everything you learned back to your teachers and implement it in your school. 

What's Included in This Experience? 

- 1 -

The Event: The Complete EdTechTeam Google Summit Experience ($349 value)

Two days of hands-on sessions where you will gain new skills, strategies and learn how to leverage powerful tools in innovative ways to have the greatest impact on your teachers. Our team is there to support you, answer questions and walk you through how to do something from start to finish.  

- 2 -

Unlimited Access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group ($97 value)

Access to this Facebook group is exclusive to instructional coaches who attend an EdTechTeam Google Summit. In this group you will be able to connect, learn and grow with others that are just like you. Experts from our team will be jumping in each week to host Q & A's, provide support, share resources and more to help you carry your momentum beyond the event. 

- 3 -

1 Year Membership to EdTechTeam's G Suite Digital Workshop Series for Coaches ($276 value)

Each month an expert from our team or community will host a digital workshop on topics curated to meet coach's needs and challenges. During each workshop, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive a customized resource full of tips and strategies to go beyond the workshop. There will be a total of 12 digital workshops with a new one launching each month, so you can consistently learn and grow your skill set even after the event ends. 

- 4 -

The Complete Google Summit Guidebook ($26 value)

We have created a complete guidebook to accompany the EdTechTeam Google Summit. This will contain tips, strategies and techniques that expand on session topics and serves as a great resource to record all of your notes and use as an easy point of reference after the event. 

- 5 -

10 Effective Strategies to Build Strong Coaching Relationships ($36 value) 

Building strong relationships is a vital part of carrying out your role effectively as an instructional coach. We understand how challenging this can be and the coaches we train are consistently struggling to build strong relationships with their teachers. So, we have created this comprehensive guide that includes all of our practical strategies and tools you can easily incorporate into your coaching sessions. This guide doesn't contain typical ice breaker activities you can find online or unrealistic strategies which use tools that are not widely accessible. All of these strategies are easy to implement, effective and use tools that are available to everyone. 

- 6 -

The Ultimate Teacher Tech Starter Kit ($30 value)

At EdTechTeam, we are consistently working with instructional coaches and one question that always comes up is about easy tech tips or tools that teachers can easily incorporate into their classroom. As an instructional coach, you are looking for tools that are easy to demonstrate and teachers are looking for quick wins and a simple solution to their problem. This is why we created the Ultimate Teacher Tech Starter Kit, which includes several tech tools and strategies that are broken down step-by-step, so you can get started right away. This is also a great resource to share with your teachers to refer back to and save you time explaining how to use the same tool again and again.