The Teacher Experience 
A customized package to help you achieve your goals, transform
your classroom and meet your student's needs.
Get Ready for the California Desert Google Summit
This isn't your average professional development. This is your opportunity to invest in yourself this school year and commit to making that change in your teaching and classroom that you have been craving. We understand how difficult it can be to know what tools, strategies, and techniques will be the most effective in the classroom. You don't have hours to waste on testing different options that may or may not actually help and it can be scary to try new things. You want to make a positive change in your classroom and you envision a learning environment where each student feels supported and their learning outcomes are met. This is why our goal for the Google Summit is to equip you with everything you'll need to achieve your goals. 
This customized package is designed to provide you with all of  the tools, strategies and techniques so you will have everything you need to start transforming your teaching style, classroom and overcome your biggest challenges.
Our team won't just show you how to do something, but we will walk you through how to use new tools and strategies, step-by-step, so you leave this summit feeling confident and excited to get started in your classroom right away. 
What's Included in This Experience?
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The Event: The Complete EdTechTeam Google Summit Experience ($349 value) 
Two days of hands-on sessions where you will gain new skills, strategies and learn how to leverage powerful tools in innovative ways to have the greatest impact on your students. Our team is there to support you, answer questions and walk you through how to do something from start to finish. 
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Unlimited Access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group ($97 value)
Access to this Facebook group is exclusive to teachers who attend an EdTechTeam Google Summit. In this group you will be able to connect, learn and grow with others that are just like you. Experts from our team will be jumping in each week to host Q & A's, provide support, share resources and more to help you carry your momentum beyond the event. 
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1 Year Membership to EdTechTeam's G Suite Digital Workshop Series for Teachers ($276 value) 
 Each month an expert from our team or community will host a digital workshop on topics curated to your needs and challenges as a teacher. During each workshop, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive a customized resource full of tips and strategies to go beyond the workshop. There will be a total of 12 live digital workshops with a new one launching each month, so you can consistently learn and grow your skill set even after the event ends. We understand that everyone is busy, so if you aren't able to attend a workshop live, all of the workshop replays will be sent to your inbox. This way you won't miss any of the valuable trainings and you can refer back to the replays if you need to.
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The Complete Google Summit Guidebook ($26 value) 
We have created a complete guidebook to accompany the EdTechTeam Google Summit. This will contain tips, strategies and techniques that expand on session topics and serves as a great resource to record all of your notes and use as an easy point of reference after the event. 
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30 Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Incorporating Google's Applied Digital Skills in Your Classroom ($35 value)
Whether you teach Math or English, Social Studies or Science, digital skills are invaluable for your students to learn to prepare for their future. Start creating new learning experiences for your students using Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum. In this guide, you'll learn so many ways to integrate the curriculum into your subject area or to support your upper elementary or second language learners.
- 6 -
Essential Guide to Google Classroom for Teachers ($29 value)
This is your ultimate guide for utilizing Google Classroom effectively. Whether you are just starting to incorporate Google Classroom or if you are looking for new ways to use this tool to its maximum potential, this guidebook will walk you through how to do it. We often get asked how to start using Google Classroom or how to use it in innovative ways, so we created a comprehensive guidebook to show you how to use this powerful tool step-by-step and share new strategies for utilizing it in the classroom.