Get Your Brick On! Diving Deeper with MinecraftEDU

Minecraft Education Edition (MEE) has so many endless possibilities and there is so much to learn and do inside the world of Minecraft. Now that you have been able to move and play inside of the world you are probably wonder whats next? How do I make this useable for my students? How do I get this to be more then just a game? In this session we will be diving deeper into the MEE world. We will be looking at the various lessons that are on the website, exporting and importing worlds, talking about cameras, blackboards, portfolios and so much more. Come and enjoy this hands on virtual workshop as we build your capacity in MEE. Please have MEE downloaded on your computer and office 365 education login ready to use.

The Finer Details

Facilitated through a dedicated video call link, our Virtual Learning Series allows one person, a small team or your entire district to join in on the learning. PD has never been easier or more accessible. The best part? You only need a device and an internet connection; pajama pants optional!

We've chosen not to record workshops for a number of reasons, privacy for all live participants as a main factor, and we also want to create authentic connection opportunities and model an interactive classroom. That said, if we do record any sessions, we'll be sure to let you know.

Please note that all workshop times are Eastern Daylight Time.

What is the Virtual Learning Series?

Coordinating relevant, engaging professional development for your school or district is tough and there is the added headache of coordinating schedules, managing weather interruptions, finding coverage for teachers… the list goes on and on. 

That's exactly why we created our Virtual Learning Series here at EdTechTeam Canada. These hour-long, synchronous PD sessions are the same engaging and hands-on PD that you get at our face-to-face workshops, just more easily accessible for you and your staff. 

With extensive connections to current classroom educators across Canada, coupled with our pedagogy-first approach, we strive to deliver a thoughtful and relevant learning experience.

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