Transform Your Classroom and Inspire Student Creativity
The EdTechTeam High Desert Summit is your opportunity to get creative with the latest in educational technology to inspire and challenge young minds. Together, we’ll explore tools and strategies for rising to the challenge of creating classrooms that give every student the opportunity to be extraordinary and become a real-world problem solver.
The Summit Experience
The EdTechTeam High Desert Summit is an opportunity to invest in your student’s best strategy for success—YOU—their teacher! With two action-packed days featuring keynote speakers, a mix of 90 and 60-minute sessions, a playground, and a demo slam, you’ll have a chance to create and explore new ideas and topics while connecting with other teachers, school leaders, and world-class speakers. You’ll walk away with strategies to implement in your classroom on ”Monday”
To top it off, we’re taking care of you with a catered breakfast and lunch, free wifi access, and complimentary parking.
What will you create for yourself and your students?

Sessions will go beyond tools. You’ll walk away with best practices and strategies for using educational technology in the classroom and tips for creating new experiences in your classroom. Topics include:
  • Google for Education Apps
  • Creating with Chromebooks
  • Ideas to inspire student creativity
  • Google's Geo-based apps - Maps, Google Earth, Virtual Reality
  • Lessons, ideas and strategies you can use on Monday
Get Credit
Certificate of Attendance Complete the certificate request form to request your certificate. Once your attendance has been verified, we’ll your certificate will be emailed to you.
Graduate Credit
Get your assignment and all the details to earn your credit from Adams State College.
Call in support- letter to leadership requesting funds
We’ve created a letter for you to use to get support from your school or district leadership to attend this Summit. Please feel free to customize the letter to help “make the case” for your attendance.

Keynote Speakers

Day 1 Keynote

Cutia Blunt
Cutia Blunt
The Galloway School

Day 2 Keynote

Fernando Chavez
Fernando Chavez
Westchester Enriched Science Magnets

Spotlight Speaker

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