Sunnyside High School, opened in 1955, is home to 2,400 students in Tucson, AZ. Sunnyside offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs, advanced placement courses, and specialized career and technical training programs. As a part of the Sunnyside Unifed School District, Sunnyside High School is a celebrated historical pillar of the Tucson community.
Sunnyside is fully accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is a comprehensive high school that offers a plethora of rigorous and challenging courses. The foundation of its success is based in its Freshman Academy. This school within a school serves as a foundational environment which prepares incoming 9th graders for their tenure as high school students.
Once students have advanced into the upper grade levels they are invited to join one of three College and Career Academies. Each academy focuses on a career pathway where students can earn college credit, industry certifications and take part in work experiences and internships. This combination of core and elective classes has evolved Sunnyside into a culture of college and career readiness.
Additionally, the use of AVID instructional strategies and ample enrollment in Honors and Advanced Placement courses has propelled graduation rates and record amounts of scholarship offerings. This focus on learning and real world experiences has prepared their students for life after Sunnyside.

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