#1 Setting the Stage: Exam Tips & Tricks
Tuesday, September 29 from 4-5PM EDT

You've spent the time growing your skills, now get certified to be recognized for the work you've done. Join us as we review what you can expect in your Level 1 Google Educator Certification exam. We'll go over the registration process, test topics and format, and tips to help you rock the exam.

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:
Exam Registration - The registration process has changed, but we’ve got you covered.  Learn how to register, where to find additional resources, and the timeline from registration to the exam to the results.
Testing Format & Topics - Explore the types of questions on the exam, learn the categories of topics and special areas to focus in on while studying.
Tips and Tricks to Rock It - Like any standardized test, there are always tips and tricks that can help make the testing process simple and less stressful.  Learn our advice and suggestions to help you be successful on the Level 1 exam.

#2 Chrome & Classroom
Wednesday, September 30 from 4-5PM EDT

Join us as we Whether you’re using laptops or Chromebooks, Google Chrome is your gateway to the web.  Google Chrome allows teachers and students to simplify and personalize their web experience, no matter their device.

Alleviate the stress of your daily classroom routine of wondering where something is! In our digital classrooms it is so easy to lose that file, not share a template properly or get overwhelmed by work hand-ins coming to your inbox. Google Classroom securely streamlines content sharing with your class, in a private space, which helps to keep everyone organized in these ever changing times.

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Chrome Basics - Learn and play with the features built into Google Chrome to help you simplify tab management.  
  • Hidden Features - Discover the hidden ways to personalize and make Google Chrome work better for you and your students.
  • Extensions - Add even more power to your Chrome Browser with extensions specifically built for a purpose. We’ll explore extensions that will strengthen your productivity, increase accessibility and help you and your students demonstrate learning.
  • Student Management - Google Classroom isn’t a classroom without your students!  Learn how to add students, co-teachers, and guardians to help everyone stay organized.
  • Materials & Assignments - Discover how to easily add lessons, resources, announcements and assignments to your Google Classroom.
  • Classroom Organization - Just like your physical classroom, a bit of organization and set-up is required to have the best experience with Google Classroom.  Explore the different features inside Google Classroom that keeps everyone organized and focused.

#3 Drive, Docs, Slides
Thursday, October 1 from 4-5PM EDT

Google Drive is your G Suite home base; it’s where all of your files are stored. Google Docs is more than just a word processor. When combined, Google Drive and Docs is your launchpad for creation, learning, assessment, and so much more.

Having the nickname, the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite, Google Slides is your creation tool.  Whether it’s a Slide Deck for an interactive lesson, a Choose Your Own Adventure Journey or your latest digital classroom creation, Google Slides is here to help you create.

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Organization Strategies - As your Google Drive holds everything, learn how to best manage all of your files, pitfalls to avoid and strategies for searching.
  • Share Settings - Both Google Drive and Google Docs are built on a foundation of sharing and that’s why we are focusing on how to share and the different levels of sharing permissions.
  • Collaboration Opportunities - Once you are comfortable with sharing, you are ready to collaborate. Discover how these tools allow you to collaborate with colleagues, students and parents no matter what school looks like this year.
  • More than a Presentation Tool - Discover how to set-up your Google Presentation to emphasize creativity, make it easy to make digital manipulatives and add pre-made elements to your work.
  • Audio and Video - Discover how to make your Google Slide accessible to all types of learners through the incorporation of audio and video elements.
  • Collaborative Nature - Explore how to set up your Google Slide deck to collaborate with your students.  Learn best practices for a virtual, face-to-face or blended classroom, and feel ready to utilize Google Slides with your students no matter where they are.

#4 Forms & Sheets
Tuesday, October 6 from 4-5PM EDT

Educators collect data every single day and use that data to make decisions.  Google Forms helps you easily gather the data and streamline your responses to allow you to focus on the decisions, rather than the collecting!

Data drives everything inside our classrooms but it can also be very overwhelming.  Google Sheets allows you to easily organize and manipulate it into results that you can use to help drive instruction. You’ll also find out that spreadsheets are for more than just numbers, they open up lots of assessment and engagement opportunities.

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Form Basics - Learn how to set-up a simple form and collect data.  
  • All the Question Types - Discover the different types of questions and visual elements that are offered for free inside of Google Forms.
  • Reviewing the Results - Collecting information is great, but using that data to make decisions in your classrooms and schools is even better. Learn where your Google Form’s data is stored and how to view the results.
  • Beautiful Data - Large amounts of data can be hard on the eyes; discover how to format so that you can meaningfully organize your data to help make informed decisions.
  • Simple Formulas - Google Sheets does a lot of the work for you when it comes to summarizing data.  Learn more about simple formulas that can save you time with reporting, observing and providing feedback to your students.
  • Visualization - Data can be shown in more ways than just a list of numbers.  Explore how Google Sheets easily lets you represent your data to help identify trends, explain concepts and inform your practice.

#5 Gmail & Calendar
Wednesday, October 7 from 4-5PM EDT

Gmail and Google Calendar help everyone in the G Suite environment stay organized and on time.  Integrating with all apps in the G Suite, these two tools are your productivity hub for your classroom!

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Inbox Organization - Keeping your inbox organized should not feel like an overwhelming task.  Discover tools and features, built into Gmail, that help you organize those important emails and archive old emails for future reference.
  • Calendar Creation - Learn how to create an event in Google Calendar that has everything you need in one place.  From video calls, to class notes, to notifications and more!
  • To-Do Lists & Reminders - Explore how to turn your Gmail and Google Calendar into your to-do list hub!  With tools that integrate across the G Suite, you will see how you can finally say goodbye to those paper to-do lists (if you can actually find them ;) ).

#6 All the Rest (YouTube, Sites, etc.)
Thursday, October 8 from 4-5PM EDT

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!  And while the cat videos may be the most popular, there are a ton of videos to help your students learn and gain different perspectives.  YouTube is your best friend to help deliver content, explore this great big world and share your own ideas.

Communication is key while teaching virtually, face-to-face or in a blended environment.  Google Sites allows educators to share information to parents, the community and with each other. 

Specifically, inside this workshop, you will learn:

  • Video Management - YouTube is full of great videos to help students learn and understand.  Explore how to curate playlists of videos and share them easily with your students.
  • Uploading your own Videos - Whether you want to be the next YouTube star, or just help your students learn how to multiply, adding your own videos to YouTube can help support your student’s learning.
  • Sharing and Privacy - We haven’t forgotten the most important part of YouTube - learn how to manage privacy of your videos and the options you have as a creator of content. 
  • Easy Like Lego - Done are the days of complicated web design.  Learn how Google Sites makes it easy with stacking blocks and simple, yet professional, design elements.
  • All Connected to your Drive - Built upon your Google Drive, learn how Google Sites helps to showcase student learning and exploration.
  • Make It Your Own - Explore how to personalize your Google Site, manage published settings and share it with collaborators.

Office Hours [OPTIONAL]
Saturday, October 10 from 9AM - 12PM EDT

You can plan to take your test any time, but if you choose to take the plunge on Saturday morning, we'll be here to support you.  Join us then for Office Hours where we'll be available for you to pop in and ask us technical questions while doing your test.