Tuesday, August 25

The Hybrid Teacher: Asynchronous and Synchronous Lesson Ideas
K-12: Aug. 25 at 4pm Eastern Time

Asynchronous learning is when a teacher develops a pre-built lesson, or pre-recorded video, and provides it for a student to work through at their own pace during the course of a day or week. In this session we will use Google slides and Google Docs templates in order to create a pre-packaged lesson that students will be able to navigate independently.

Synchronous learning happens when teachers and students are together in real time. This is what we do in the classroom, but we can also teach synchronously online over a video conferencing software. In this session we will look at a lesson schedule for online synchronous learning, and look at some activities and tools to engage your students throughout.

Make Back-to-School Awesome with the Techie Besties
K-12: Aug. 25 at 7pm Eastern Time

Make back-to-school awesome with the Techie Besties and Google! In this session you will have a chance to get creative and make four amazing templates using Drawings, Slides, and Docs that you can use in the first weeks of school. We’ll use images, word art, links, videos, design skills and more to create a skills scavenger hunt, movie posters featuring your students, design personal Drawings to set goals for the year, and finally a collaborative class activity to get to know everyone. Whether you are face to face or virtual, these activities will inspire learning and your class community and will have your grade 3-9 students excited to be back!  Hold on tight - this workshop is fast-paced!

Wednesday, August 26

Classroom Routines & Productivity to Support Virtual Learning
K-12: Aug. 26 at 7pm Eastern Time

In this session, we will explore strategies you can use with your students to build a collaborative virtual environment. We will look at how to scaffold lessons around building collaboration skills necessary for online learning, possible schedules for online classes, and a handful of ideas to stay productive and organized when planning your virtual classes. This workshop is for K-12 teachers and for those who may be teaching in a blended or virtual classroom environment.

Thursday, August 27

Get Set-Up for the First Week Back with your Little Learners
K-3 Focus: Aug. 27 at 1pm Eastern Time

How do we set our students up for success in learning? How can we help support the transitions and integrations of different types of learning models? How can we leverage our wisdom from distance learning and infuse it in our pedagogy going forward to engage, inspire and cultivate curious little (and teacher) learners? Dear teacher, no more crying in front of your computer screen, WE ARE HERE! Come learn and explore ideas, resources and digital tools to help you think through setting up your learners for an epic year of learning (whether it be a distance model or IRL (In Real Life)).

The Hybrid Teacher: Creating Culture and Community
K-12: Aug. 27 at 4Pm Eastern Time

We know the importance of building classroom culture and community at the start of the year. Most teachers have their tried-and-true icebreaker activities ready, but how does this translate online? And how can we ensure students are comfortable with the technology and the ability to communicate online? In this session we will look at activities, tools, and ideas for starting the year off right.

Shukes & Giff Present: Student Research Using Google Tools
6-12: Aug. 27 at 7pm Eastern Time

Learn how to help your grade 6-12 students use a variety of powerful Google tools to conduct research, including how to successfully search the web, brainstorm for deep inquiry, understand creative commons licensing and curate content. This workshop will be useful for those teaching in a face to face, hybrid, or fully online learning environment.  You will explore many tools in this fast-paced session and will be provided with resources for classroom use.

First Week Projects: Create Books using Apple Pages
K-12: Aug. 27 at 9pm Eastern Time

Get hands-on with Apple technology and discover how education resources can be used to create content and design learning experiences for any area. You’ll see examples from Everyone Can Create for Drawing, Photo, and Video. These resources and apps are available to anyone interested in unleashing their creative genius. An iOS compatible device is needed in addition to one to follow along.

In this session, you will learn:

  • how to use Apple apps on iPad: Pages and Photo to tell a digital story
  • how to express yourself in fresh and exciting ways
  • how to access resources to inspire creativity within yourself and with your learners

Friday, August 28

The Hybrid Teacher: Options for Online Assessment
K-12: Aug. 28 at 4pm Eastern Time

Is there an easy way to ensure that students won't look up answers on Google when taking an assessment online remotely? The short answer is no. However online remote learning allows us to rethink how we deliver assessments and build a culture and community around academic honesty. We will also be looking at online assessment tools such as goformative, Google forms, Peergrade, and Flipgrid.

Note for US Participants: Your credit card will automatically convert CAD to USD.