Wednesday, September 9

Start off the Year Right with Flipgrid
Sept. 9 at 7pm Eastern Time

Flipgrid is a FREE online educational video platform, perfect for K-12,  that allows for students and educators to create short video responses and facilitate critical discussions. In this session, we will show you how to use this magnificent tool to harness student voice in your blended and virtual learning environments. By the end, you will leave with the skills needed to utilize Flipgrid to build classroom community, differentiate and accommodate for a variety of learners and learning styles, and give every student a platform to be heard. And as a bonus, you will have the opportunity to set up your Flipgrid classroom with us for the start of school. See ya on the FLIP side! 

The Hybrid Teacher: Planning for Asyncronous and Syncronous Learning
Sept. 9 at 8pm Eastern Time

Asynchronous learning is when a teacher develops a pre-built lesson, or pre-recorded video, and provides it for a student to work through at their own pace during the course of a day or week. In this session we will use Google slides and Google Docs templates in order to create a pre-packaged lesson that students will be able to navigate independently.

Synchronous learning happens when teachers and students are together in real time. This is what we do in the classroom, but we can also teach synchronously online over a video conferencing software. In this session we will look at a lesson schedule for online synchronous learning, and look at some activities and tools to engage your students throughout.

Thursday, September 10

Techie Besties: Making Thinking Visible with Drawings
Sept. 10 at 9am Eastern Time

Google Drawings is one of the most versatile visual creation tools available to students, and it can be used to demonstrate learning in so many creative ways. In this hands-on session, we'll take a look at many Google Drawing examples and templates that you can use right away with your students. You'll learn about the features of this great tool, discover some tips and tricks that make creating digitally so much easier, and become familiar with the power of drawings by creating fantastic visuals of your own.

Shukes & Giff: Designing Lessons with Google Classroom (From Start to Finish)
Sept. 10 at 7pm Eastern Time

You already learned “how to use” Google Classroom. Now learn how you can leverage all its features for each part of lesson design. From a minds on to modelled and shared work to assessment and reflection, we will walk through and try it all out. Plus, we will share a variety of graphic organizers you can use for shared and indecent work. This workshop is applicable to Hybrid, Virtual, and F2F classroom environments from Grades 4-12!

**This workshop is designed for those who already know the basics of google classroom including how to make an assignment in which every student gets a copy of their own work. 

The Hybrid Teacher: Creating Culture and Community
Sept. 10 at 8pm Eastern Time

We know the importance of building classroom culture and community at the start of the year. Most teachers have their tried-and-true icebreaker activities ready, but how does this translate online? And how can we ensure students are comfortable with the technology and the ability to communicate online? In this session we will look at activities, tools, and ideas for starting the year off right.

Note for US Participants: Your credit card will automatically convert CAD to USD.