About the Author

Micah Shippee, PhD is an out-of-the-box-doer, a social studies teacher and a technology trainer. He regularly explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and leverages emergent technology to achieve educational goals.
In WanderlustEDU, Shippee first leads us through an exploration of self-awareness and then prepares us to be agents of change. In this book you will learn to:
  • Frame your perspective on the future of education
  • Understand your role in change
  • Identify meaningful innovation
  • Plan for innovation no matter what it looks like.
Innovation is a great disruptor. This book is for anyone seeking to explore how an understanding of self, innovation, and culture can inform and direct the way we innovate and lead change in education. WanderlustEDU is an indispensable tool for navigating our uncertain future.
Using relevant research and practical experience, Shippee has created the Fusion Model for planning change in education. Through real-world examples, informative tools, and easy-to-follow strategies Shippee guides readers through the process of change from start to finish. Learn how to uncover and use meaningful information from your educational community that can help inform positive change.