Sessions may be recorded for archival purposes.

About the Workshops

Pear Deck for Distance Learning - The challenge of utilizing technology to teach students is overwhelming. Most students are willing to learn with hands-on/ visual imagery/ interactive dialogue. This hands on session explores strategies for using Google Slides and Pear Deck in a hands on, inquiry based learning environment. You will also create your own lesson using pear deck.
August 4th - 9am EDT

Screencastify for Asynchronous Learning - In this session, learn all about the Chrome extension, Screencastify. Learn how to record lectures, capture your screen for instructional purposes, collaborate with colleagues, and how to further student learning through the use of this vital extension.

August 4th - 1 pm EDT

Best Practices for Seesaw 2 (Organization & Management) Seesaw is the one-stop-shop creation, communication, and learning and be used effectively whether you are in a 1:1, 1:4, or a blended learning environment. You’ll learn to use Seesaw to post assignments, collect learning, and give feedback. Seesaw enables teachers to create, modify, and share activities with colleagues to help students make their thinking visible and create meaningful artifacts of learning. 

August 11th - 9 am EDT

Google Slides and Jamboard Slides and Jamboard are the perfect tools to capture your student's attention.  We'll learn about engaging ways to use these tools for interaction in your lessons and with students.

August 11th - 1pm EDT