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Virtual Learning Series: Teaching Online

Welcome to the Virtual Learning Series! This page will be your one-stop shop for all G Suite resources related to our Teaching Online workshops.

Virtual PD would be impossible without robust video-conferencing tools.  Our favourite is Google Meet.  In this session we will explore the power and ease of Google Meet and discuss new protocols and management techniques that are necessary when teaching through video conferencing.

Le perfectionnement professionnel virtuel serait impossible sans des outils de vidéoconférence robustes.  Notre préféré est sans doute Google Meet.  Au cours de cette session, nous explorerons la puissance et la simplicité de Google Meet et discuterons des nouveaux protocoles et techniques de gestion qui sont nécessaires lors de l'enseignement par vidéoconférence.

Our hands-on workshop on Google Classroom will help you streamline your virtual teaching.  Google Classroom allows for students and teachers to easily communicate, share work and manage all things digital.

Join us in this workshop and learn how to get started with Google Classroom.  We’ll learn how to create a class, add students, make announcements, and post assignments.  We’ll also look at classroom organization and management strategies along the way!

Nos ateliers pratiques sur Google Classroom vous aideront à gérer votre enseignement à distance en simplifiant la communication et le partage de tâches avec vos élèves. Google Classroom vous permet facilement de superviser vos élèves et leur donner la rétroaction nécessaire à leurs apprentissages.

Dans cet atelier, vous apprendrez également à créer des cours et des groupes  sur Classroom, à publier des annonces ainsi que des travaux.

Faites le plein de bonnes stratégies pour organiser votre enseignement à l’aide de Google Classroom!

CS First Workshop with Thames Valley DSB

Google Classroom: A Guide for Parents

Even our littlest learners can create and collaborate using the Google Suite! In this introductory-level session, get an overview and see examples of Primary students creating and learning with the G Suite tools. We'll also explore tips and tricks for managing All-Things-Google with our littlest ones. Let's empower our youngest scholars!

We get it.  It's hard enough keeping students engaged IRL, let alone in a virtual environment.  With this session, web-based tools we will explore, sure to keep your students coming back for more!  (yes, rhyme intended.  And just checking to see who actually reads this ;)

P.S. Darren Maltais has created this Google Site full of resources to get you started with distance learning!

Are you just starting on your GSuite journey? Wondering how to get your Google Drive organized?  Still confused about sharing permissions and and Google Docs?  Then this workshop is for you.  This refresher session will help you start putting the GSuite puzzle pieces together and become more comfortable with these powerful collaborative tools.

Même nos plus petits apprenants peuvent créer et collaborer en utilisant les outils de la Suite Google! Dans cette session d'introduction, obtenez un aperçu et voyez des exemples d'élèves du primaire créant et apprenant avec les outils G Suite. Nous explorerons également des trucs et astuces pour gérer le monde Google avec nos plus petits. Donnons du pouvoir à nos plus jeunes chercheurs/créateurs!

La Suite Google est le parfait allié pour nos élèves du cycle moyen! Cet atelier d’introductions parcourra une panoplie de stratégies pour engager vos élèves et favoriser la communication et la collaboration. Dans cette période de transition, il est tellement possible de transformer l’expérience d’apprentissage de nos élèves!

La Suite Google est l’allié naturel pour tous nos élèves du secondaire! Cet atelier d’introductions parcourra une panoplie de stratégies pour engager vos élèves et favoriser la communication et la collaboration. Dans cette période de transition, il est tellement possible de transformer l’expérience d’apprentissage de nos élèves!

Are you wondering how to get your students working together? Using manipulatives? Are you wanting to work 1:1 with students and get them to show their work in Math or Science? If so, Jamboard is the collaborative whiteboard tool for you! Jamboard’s interactive whiteboard directly into Google Classroom and can be used for free. Join us and discover everything that Jamboard can bring to your new virtual classroom.

Vous vous demandez comment faciliter la collaboration avec vos élèves? À l'aide de manipulatifs? Vous voulez travailler en 1:1 avec des élèves et souhaitez qu’ils puissent démontrer leur travail en mathématiques, en sciences ou tout autre matière? Si c'est le cas, Jamboard est l’application pour vous! Le tableau blanc interactif de Jamboard peut s’intégrer directement dans Google Classroom et peut être utilisé gratuitement. Joignez-vous à nous pour découvrir tout ce que Jamboard peut apporter à votre nouvelle classe virtuelle.

You've already got started with Jamboard? Want to learn more? This session will explore how to use Jamboard on a mobile device to leverage the advanced features of adding files from drive and using the advanced creation tools.

Even our littlest learners can create and share using the Google Suite. If you already participated in our first Primarily Google workshop, join us in this Follow Up where we'll take a deeper dive and design engaging learning resources to support teaching young students remotely. In this hands-on make and take-style workshop, we’ll create lessons and activities your little learners can use right away. 

Topics and activities will include:
Jamboard: Design phonics cards, number sorting activities, & more
Forms: Create forms for votes, surveys, & digital listening activities
Classroom: Curate, post, and share your lessons

Engage! Explore! Explain! Elaborate! Evaluate! These are all components of a well-crafted lesson, whether you’re teaching in person OR teaching digitally. While teaching online might be new and different, we can still create meaningful, rigorous lessons for our learners, even in Grades K-3!

In this session, we’ll explore Digital Lesson Design for Remote Learning using a 5E Lesson Design model. We will discuss components of online pedagogy, and examine some sample lessons. Then we will BUILD a Google Slides-based Digital Lesson. We’ll also explore a few Google Slides graphic design tips and strategies for making lessons easily accessible and visually engaging for young learners, including using Bitmoji, gifs, tables, and more!

Join the Techie Besties for a fun and creative workshop! With simple screen recording and image tools, we will be able to make our instructions and our feedback clear and captivating for students. We will also show some great ways to get your students to demonstrate their thinking and capture their learning like never before!

Google Slides are a fantastic tool when a presentation is required, but did you know Slides is also the answer to all of your publishing needs? This session will show you some tips and tricks for creating great slideshows, but then we'll dig deep into the lesser-known publishing features one of the most versatile programs in the GSuite toolbox.  

We teach our students how to use maps and memorize places, but have they arrived at geographic thinking? Help students go from finding their house online to understanding the world around them and becoming a global citizen. Learn about the powerful and engaging tools available online such as Google Earth Creation Tools and Voyager, Google MyMaps, VR Tour Creator, Streetview, and Google Expeditions that will help your students get where they need to be in the world.

Looking to step up your Google Meet Game? Want to have fun with the participants? Need extensions customize to your Meet experience? Looking for ways to engage students during remote learning? Then this session is for you!

Note: This session is intended for those who already have a basic understanding of Meet.

Join us on the next steps! This session goes beyond the basics of assigning work through Google Classroom. We'll look at personalization and personality in your classroom. We'll dive deep into the possibility when it comes to sharing assignments. We'll explore assessment and grading through the rubric tool and grades tab, as well as take a brief look at originality reports. Expect to expand your toolkit to tools you can bring into your classroom to amp up your teaching!

Google Classroom has become our hub, now it's time to level up! Google Forms is one way we can perform quick check-ins, formative assessments and gather data from our students. Google Classroom and Google Forms integrate beautifully and once you learn how, your Hub will be a well-oiled machine for Remote Teaching.

We will dive into Google Forms from the beginning. In addition to learning about the basic questions in Forms, we will explore how we can use those questions (and other cool features) for formative assessment. Finally we will explore how we can organize all the responses in Spreadsheets.

In this session we will dive into the Google Form Quiz feature. We'll learn how to build a quiz and provide personalized descriptive feedback to students. Then we'll explore how to use the Quiz Assignment in Google Classroom. You'll leave understanding how to import the grades into Classroom as well as help your students see their grades. You'll be a quiz master by the end of the hour!

NOTE: Because this is an advanced session, we will not spend time reviewing how to make a Google Form.

In this session we will first explore the Google Forms Add-on Doc Appender. I'll share my rationale for why I use it with intermediate students and why Early Years teachers love it too. You will create your own form and learn how to run Doc Appender in a few different ways. Then, we will explore one or two quick Google Sheets tricks to better organize the data you collect from your Google Forms.

NOTE: Because this is an advanced session, we will not spend time reviewing how to make a Google Form.

Looking for a new way to get your students engaged in their learning process? This hands-on workshop will guide you through the process of using Google Sites and Forms to build your very own Digital Breakout! These escape room style games provide an opportunity for students to think creatively and critically while demonstrating their understanding of curricular outcomes.

Now, more than ever, is a great time to build a class website. Using Google Site’s intuitive drag-and-drop platform, you'll be up and running with your own website within a few short clicks.  We'll also take time to explore different ways to harness Google Sites in our new Virtual Learning environments.  

In this beginner workshop, we will cover many of the basic features of Google Calendar so that you can start using it to organize your life tomorrow. You'll learn how to create events, set notifications, and share calendars with others. We will also explore how it integrates with Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Once upon a time, a Google employee thought they could make our email experience better.  They created GMail!  Let's work on making your inbox and your email experience better!  You will be amazed at how GMail can be organized, labelled and colour coded to make you feel less overwhelmed.  Let's get your GMail affairs in order with this session!

Keep is more than just a tool to quickly and easily create, access and organize info, scratch below the surface and it is much, much more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to teach just like you’re in your physical classroom even though you’re now teaching from home? Enter myViewBoard, a live collaborative workspace that brings the best of in person learning, even at a distance. With myViewBoard you can use all your content (Google Docs, YouTube, websites) on a live collaborative whiteboard with built in quizzing and student huddles. Join us for this workshop and see how we can change the face of distance learning, one virtual whiteboard at a time.

Gmail, Drive, Docs and Google Classroom are indispensable when it comes to teaching in a virtual environment.  We'll explore all of these tools and show how they can help strengthen communication with students and parents and help you organize your new digital workflow. 

This session is designed to take your Google Classroom usage to the next level by showing you how to make it work more efficiently for you. Tips include differentiating assignments, grading with rubrics, organizing through Topics and leveraging the power of Add Ons and Apps that integrate directly into Classroom.

YouTube Learning is a destination designed to offer teens and adults quality learning content. Here you will find Learning Playlists, which organize content into chapters and are designed to facilitate focused study. These curated playlists range in subjects from physics to film making, and YouTube Learning Originals to spark your curiosity. So, whether you’re studying for a test, want to learn a new skill, or are just curious about the world around you, YouTube Learning has something for you!

In this session you will explore the vast collection of resources found on YouTube and start to curate your own playlists for your students.  As well, we will look at strategies for creating effective instructional videos of your own.  

Teaching from home is clearly going to require a different approach to teaching at school. Google for Education created this temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus crisis.

Google for Education's Teacher Center is a free, interactive online platform with a curriculum created by educators for educators. Whether you're comfortable using technology in the classroom or just getting started, find courses that expand learning at any level.

Here you will find a recording of our Pre-Launch Event for the Teaching Online Virtual Learning Series! Whether you were able to secure a spot in the workshops or not, this workshop will provide you with resources that you can use right now and some reassurance that this is all going to be OK. Watch until the very end to hear questions from educators, just like you, and gain some valuable insight!

Pre-Launch Event #1

Pre-Launch Event #2

Tips from Experts in the Field

Join us as we bring in experts to share advice and best practices for teaching in a virtual environment. Long-time educator in TDSB, now the Director of Innovative Learning at Keystone Academy in Beijing, Sandra Chow will join us on April 1st. Seven weeks into school closure, she'll share her never-ending positivity and give us strategies for moving into Virtual Teaching.

Tips from Experts in the Field - Google for Education Focused
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2020
Time: 11am EDT/8am PDT
Watch the livestream here.
Follow along with our slide deck here.